Testimonial: John Rowlands


Christian Life Centre: Baptism testimony 22/11/2015

In July this year I found CLC; That First Sunday I was Saved!


Born of this world I was Shaped, But something I missed; WHAT it was…   I could not find.

My life wondered in the wilderness; NOT for days, but years! This emptiness I tried to fill with; Cars, Jobs, Houses, Wives, Children; One after another; BUT nothing worked out!

WHEN I thought I was in control, I found I was NOT! Nothing went to Plan. I had NO idea HOW to fix a broken HEART or a troubled mind. I became self-centred and more and more LOST. I did not want this World I created!

So I searched books on Angels, on Spiritual ideas, Conspiracies. In searching for the truth it seemed in this World; ANY truth would do! Pilate famously asked Jesus; “ What is truth? ” AND Like him, I found it easier to walk away and crowd-please.

BUT I could not!

I needed truth in MY world. WHAT did the Bible say? I did not know BECAUSE I had NEVER read it ! For the World told me the Bible was OLD, out-of-date; Full of stories; NOT relevant to Modern life!

NOW where was the wisdom in accepting any truth without study! Life without a Rosetta stone, or turning key would never transform
MY life from empty to full.

I felt USED by the world. Where was GOD ? My FIRST break came, I shouted OUT; “ GOD…. GET ME OUT OF HERE ! “ I asked the invisible for the impossible; Seeking the miraculous

Months went by – nothing and I forgot God, BUT He had not forgotten me! My car spun and crashed, so to did my lifeBUT I found Hope! a Church and a Bible! I began to Pray: God OPEN my eyes, HELP my unbelief, Guide ME, Show me true north.

BUT my Pride and sin were STILL in control of my life; More Help was needed; a fiery PURIFICATION; is what I needed!


MY home I’d built; MY marriage; MY children, all manner of things; People gossiped with unholy smiles. Mocking truth and justice; I WAS broken by MY world; LOST in darkness…

BUT a firm hand had me; The Good-Shepherd ‘ AS HELL descended all around – IN THAT moment — I knew GRACE. He quelled the storm; Took my hand; Sheltered me from harm; PEACE and forgiveness to ALL who meant me harm.

I finally understood. MY life was a “ GIFT ” I HAD found CHRIST within FOR:

“This is the DAY the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.“
(Psalms 118:24)

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