#9: Vision

The Word for Today
When we only know the world through our senses, only we see what our mind’s eye worldview tells us is there, we are blind. I know what your thinking, but we know there is a physical world that we can’t see with our eyes and beyond this, the Spirit world.  Just because we can only intuitively know something does not mean it’s not real. So I ask the glorious Father to give us the revelation through spirit and wisdom to see this truth of the kingdom of God.

I ask that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened, so that you may know the hope of His calling, the riches of His glorious inheritance in saints

(Ephesians 1:18)
In science, we know that there are many things we cannot sense humanly without elaborate machines and computer models to interpret what we cannot sense biologically. One such endeavour humanity undertook was in decoding our own DNA.

Before someone thought of how or why we needed to look for this DNA mankind has always been seeking who and if not who, how, we are made. Why are we alive? Mankind stumbles or is inspired to seek more and more truth. We all want to know deep down, even atheists, does God exist. We experience life through our DNA, Gods building blocks, His Lego® to build a house for our Spirit to live through. In much the same way a brick house becomes a home when we living in it. A computer is dead till electrical current is passed through it, in this way the Spirit of God is our life when He is in the house with us. He is the signature of our individuality on our house deeds.

Nothing can change our view of life without experience, to know something to be true we need to see and feel it. The world came together in unity to sequence, mapping our DNA. We thought everything, all Gods secrets would know, but all we found was our ignorance. The scientist said most of our DNA was junk DNA, filled with useless information. Slowly we are learning that it is not.

 So let us open our eyes and our minds to the frightening possibility that we do not know everything. A lot of science fact is in fact speculation of the unknown. So let us include God in our journey of discovery. Accept that we will never know all things. DNA was discovered in 1869, but it was not known till 1953 when the chemical structure was discovered and not until the 1970’s did this structure have significance.
This omnipresent nature of God is the why and how in life and creation is the expression of our limited understanding of an infinite God at work. Finding DNA and understanding the complex structures is can build is cool, but DNA it is not the Holy Grail of life scientist thought it would turn out to be. We may use it, alter it and benefit our life but it cannot give us unity, stop crime or cure all diseases, because DNA is not the reason for life; God is.
The vision of science in the world does not yet see God. Most scientists and intellectual minds work to disproved God at every opportunity. Thinking cleverly about life can blind us from the truth sometimes, but God inspired revelations will come again as it did with Saul on his way to Damascus.

My companions say the light, but they could not understand the voice of the One speaking to me

(Act 22:9)

Personally, I would never have experienced God presence in my life without the anguishes and pain of living without God. I could have so easily remained like Saul and never have been transformed into a Paul.
My eyes are open and God fills each of my days with more and more of Him. A joyful Spirit is a testimony to the Lords restoration of you. Finding purpose God determined for your life in helping others out of the shadows of the valley and into the city upon the hill. Let the passion of Christ finds you. Let his Spirit fill you and let His Holy Spirit guide you into all truth.
John Rowlands
words by John Rowlands


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