#2: Spirit

The Word for Today
I love to see Spirit in people, the world is in perfect harmony when we do. We all need to know love and when we have the Holy Spirit in our lives, all things are possible to know and do. Mountains will move, the impossible becomes possible when we believe and find faith in Christ. Let our hearts rejoice at this time for when we seek we will find says the Lord.

For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened

 (Matthew 7:8) 

One of my many loves is swimming, the joy of being held in water and gliding through from one end of the pool to the other or to be in the sea off some island looking down and marvelling at the schools of fish that are beneath. Of course, it was not always like that, there was a time I could not swim at all. Little by little I achieve a higher state of confidence and ability. 

Today was a special day for me as a dear friend of  mine got her confidence, a measure of independence from her fear of the water, as she swam 25 meters today. This was a great moment for her trainer and her. In God, we trust through his Spirit he sends us to perfect our lives in bringing All Truth to be known. God knows as did my friend’s trainer that she could do this swim today and can do a lot more, but without encouragement and commitment, we may not achieve what we set out to do in life.

Let us take a moment to reflect on our dreams in life today, whether it is to learn to swim or start a company, the ideas that linger and do not fade. Let us seek guidance from God today to encourage these ideas into life this day. Let us help someone with their dream, let us shine a light before others so that our good deeds may be seen by all and our Father may be praised.

John Rowlands
words by John Rowlands


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