#10: Looking at God

The Word for Today
I read recently that NASA has just sent a rocket into space to send OSIRIS-REx on an eight-year mission to an asteroid. Flying past an asteroid to scoop some surface materials and bring this asteroid stuff back to Earth. I marvel at the engineering, the science, and pure mathematics of such missions. It seems humankind’s brilliance shines when we managed to land Rosetta probe on an asteroid in 2015.
What are we looking for in these missions, we need something more when to ask fundamental questions like; how did we get here and who are we? We are like little children constantly asking why. So if we do not know are we so sure and reluctant to accept God. Nature works on a scale far beyond imagining, the sheer wonder in understanding infinitely of space and time. We are still trying to know how our bodies came to be such complex expressions of life. The vastness of the unexplored depths of our Earth and the incredible beauty and balance of Eath’s echo systems which in our ignorance we are destroying; along with ourselves. We are always searching, needing to know why.
We love making the biggest and best, we are so competitive. We engineer wonders like CERN in Switzerland, a vast underground structure that looks at invisible particles. The impossible unseen worlds that science needs to see and measure. Is the science questions why looking to finally see the face of God?
The God particle‘; If we reason that such unmeasurable particles exist and can be known by their effects on different particles that we can measure, is evidence of its existence; why can we accept evidence of spirit in our life? This invisible world we experience and we don’t need to build any machines to find, we simply know.
The more we search outside of yourself the more we will not see God; Truth is within. We will never understand it perhaps, but is is not about an understanding with but the doing with God. Scientific facts have a funny way of changing over time as our conscious awareness expands; I hope one day it expands to include God.

This is the LORD’S doing; It is marvelous in our eyes 

(Psalm 118:23)
Let us take a moment to wonder about our need for answers in life, what is this emptiness that drives that need and what do we fill our life with? Surely we can only be filled with the fullness of God. When we meditate on the wonders and vastnesses of creation we cannot help to accept God and if we accept creation as evidence of God, let us accept Him into our thinking. If we don’t know all the answere let us give God the benefit of our human doubt and let us explore creation together with God as a guiding eye; after all two eyes are better than one.
John Rowlands
words by John Rowlands


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